I took a pretty hard line on government indoctrination centers recently, and I caught a lot of flak for it. What did I say, why did I say it, and do I still stand behind it? What’s in the News with stories on school suspension for going to the gun range after school, a court decides to remove gun rights from marijuana card holders, Tennessee wants to prohibit DUI offenders from buying alcohol, NSA targeted Bitcoin users, and feds make sex work less safe. Also, a And Yet Another Bad Cop segment on the murder in Sacrsmento. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by NordVPN, the fastest, easiest to use service to protect your online presence that I’ve ever seen.



I caught a lot of shit for a stance I took on the latest episode of Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor with the Lions of Liberty crew. 

These are strong words. But, you guys know me by now. You know I speak severely. The reason for this is simply because I learned a long time ago that moderation in language does not achieve my desired results.

I wish I could go into all the specifics of our compulsory education system, but luckily, many have already done so, including the late, great Murray Rothbard. He wrote an article called, “The Twelve Year Sentence: The ‘Historical Origins’ of Compulsory Schooling.”

I also highly recommend Carl Watner’s book, “Homeschooling: A Hope for America.” If you read one book on homeschooling and why it is so important, this is the one to get, for sure.



In zero tolerance zero intelligence news, Lacey Township School District in central New Jersey suspended two high school students after Snapchat pictures showed them at a gun range outside of school hours.

In more unfit to exist news, if you have a medical marijuana card, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that you can’t buy a gun. The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana cardholders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment.

In more rights being stripped news, Tennessee lawmakers want to prohibit DUI offenders from buying alcohol. A bill that would allow judges to prohibit those convicted of driving under the influence from purchasing alcohol advanced in the House last week. 

In surveillance state news, the Snowden files are still revealing new information, and, as it turns out, the National Security Agency worked urgently to target Bitcoin users around the world according to a top-secret passage in an internal NSA report dating to March 2013.

In sex work is real work news, the U.S. Senate passed one of the worst bills in recent memory, the so-called “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA) that cleared the House of Representatives in late February. Trump is expected to sign this bill.

In some personal news, I am running a birthday fundraiser for my birthday this Friday, March 30th. I chose the Free State Project for this fundraiser because this organization literally changed my life so much for the better. My first goal was $500, and I blew through that in a couple of days, thanks to a bunch of awesome donors. So, I extended my goal to $1,000. As of right now, I am at $930 towards that goal, so 93% of the way.



I’ve seen some egregious killings by cops in my time, for sure, but this one is up there as one of the worst. A man was slain in his grandmother’s backyard by two Sacramento cops because he was holding his cell phone. Of course, they shot him, because they feared for their lives, mistaking a cell phone for a gun.