Trump is gearing up for his new Space Force, which I like to call his Space Farce. Let’s break this down a bit. What’s in the News with stories on wrestler Kane wins again, your vote is useless, MDMA studies, TSA still sucks, and a fine for trash in a car. Finally, Statists Gonna State talking about Defense Distributed and their continuing battle against statists. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by Free Talk Live, providing you with fresh, pro-liberty content 7 days a week on more than 180 radio stations across the country. 



Do you want to talk about something beyond ridiculous? Fine. Let’s talk about Trump’s new Space Force. Now that is ridiculous.

The U.S. Defense Department this week will take the first steps to create the Space Force, a new branch of the military ordered up by President Trump but not yet fully backed by Congress.

In coming months, Defense Department leaders plan to stand up three of the four components of the new Space Force: a new combatant command for space, a new joint agency to buy satellites for the military, and a new warfighting community that draws space operators from all service branches. These sweeping changes — on par with the past decade’s establishment of cyber forces — are the part the Pentagon can do without lawmakers’ approval.





Statists all over the country are going nuts over Defense Distributed’s downloadable digital blueprints for guns. Last week, Defense Distributed, the Texas nonprofit providing online schematics for producing firearms with a 3-D printer, agreed to temporarily block Pennsylvania Internet users from its website in an emergency hearing Sunday. The move followed threats of legal action from Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro. “These downloadable firearms were just about to be widely available online,” Shapiro said on Twitter. “It’s an existential threat to our state and we stepped in to stop it. The site is — and will remain — dark throughout” Pennsylvania.