I’ve had some major life changes the last few weeks that are really rustling my jimmies but will likely be a blessing in disguise. How can you help? What’s in the News with stories on Bill Weld, hemp legalization, government waste, slavery in France, and New Hampshire it’s like this too. Also, a Herding Cats segment on a PorcFest XV recap! This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by Free Talk Live, providing you with fresh, pro-liberty content 7 days a week on more than 180 radio stations across the country. 


As you guys know, I rarely use this section for personal things, but there is something going on in my life that really has my jimmies rustled, but it may be a huge blessing in disguise.


In Bill Weld news, he is making it more and more obvious every day that he wants to be the next Libertarian presidential nominee. Last week he sat down with The Washington Post for an interview.

In hemp news, the US Senate votes to legalize hemp after a decades-long ban under marijuana prohibition, and it’s about goddamned time.

In government waste news, Marin County California pissed away $17,500 in taxpayer money to kill a grand total of 23 rodents. That is $760 per dead rodent. Damn, I’m in the wrong business. I’ve killed several the last few months for free!

In slavery news, France has reinstated a mandatory national service program for all 16-year-olds in the country.

In New Hampshire, It’s Like This Too News, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu is drawing a line in the sand against the U.S. Supreme Court decision that opens New Hampshire businesses to the sales tax requirements of other states.


So, PorcFest is over, and holy shit was it amazing.