What can you do to help you live a voluntary life today? I talk to Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life podcast about just that. Thank you for joining me on the forty-first episode of The LAVA Spurt, Living a Voluntary Life Today. This episode is brought to you by Swarm City, a decentralized commerce meta-platform that allows people to participate in commerce without interference from a third party. Also brought to you by Wry Guys t-shirts, the makers of all of the Pax Libertas Productions t-shirts, including for this show. A wry wit for today’s shit.

In my role as one of the several organizers for the upcoming Freecoast Festival from September 8th – 10th, I had an amazing opportunity to interview and be interviewed by a podcaster I’ve followed for many years, Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life podcast. He and his wife, Hannah, will be our keynote speakers for the festival this year and I wanted to talk to him about some of the things that he does that lead to us choosing him for the keynote.

After selling his business, in 2010, Jake quit the rat race to live job free at the age of 38. He wanted maximum freedom and the chance to spend every day doing only things that he loves. So far, that has included publishing two books, becoming a perpetual traveler, going minimalist, playing in a band, and doing his podcast.

Starting and selling a business enabled him to live job free, so the emphasis of The Voluntary Life podcast is on entrepreneurship and financial freedom. He talks about how to overcome your employee conditioning and build your own kickass business with a purpose that you truly believe in. 
I had a great time on the interview and I highly recommend checking out his podcast and his books. And, if you want to see him in person, catch him while he’s in the states at the Freecoast Festival. You can get more information on the festival at freecoast.org/festival