Brian McWilliams asked me to be on his Lions of Liberty show, Electric Libertyland, and we had a ton of fun. This is the first time I’ve talked to Brian since I thought he was going to die from alcohol poisoning at PorcFest this summer. It’s good to know he’s still alive!

We start off talking about Kanye’s meeting with Trump, the impact of celebrity before moving on to the purge of many libertarian and police-policing Facebook pages.

Is it their right as a private company, or will there be repercussions in the legal sphere?

The duo then dive into Saudi Arabia and the missing-presumed-dead journalist…who U.S. intelligence knew would be taken.

We also tease a couple of topics that get fully answered in the Patrons only version of the show. Was Brian the destroyer of the mystery shattered mirror at PorcFest, and did he make it right? Did Rodger really get accidentally high while trying to record his latest The LAVA Flow episode? You can get access to all of this and more by being a supporter of The LAVA Flow at