The European Union is trying to break the internet by passing sweeping “copyright” laws. What is this all about? What’s in the News with stories on government relief, Catalonia secession, bad cops, avoiding WWIII, and a murdering cop. And, a trailer for the latest Pax Libertas Productions podcast called Big L Podcast, your unofficial source for Libertarian Party news, arcana, and information with your host, Libertarian Party insider and the Pink Flame of Liberty, Caryn Ann Harlos. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, now known as Horizen, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by Free Talk Live, providing you with fresh, pro-liberty content 7 days a week on more than 180 radio stations across the country.  




One of these days, I plan to do an episode on why copyright is wrong and totally illegitimate. It’s been on my radar for a long time, I just keep pushing it back. However, this story about the European Union passing a law under the auspices of copyright that could essentially break the internet is too crazy to pass up. So, what happened?

The EU has voted to approve its hugely controversial Internet Copyright Directive, which has been lambasted by experts across the globe. The overall bill seeks to update Internet copyright laws for the modern era. But two parts of it, Articles 11 and 13, have been criticized for stifling small companies and introducing a “meme ban”. The bill will now need to be signed off by leaders of the EU member states, so it is not formally law yet. Each country will then be tasked with enforcing the law themselves.




In government relief news, hundreds of thousands of water bottles meant for victims of Hurricane Maria are still sitting at a Puerto Rico airport — nearly a year after the deadly storm, according to a report. 

 In Catalonia secession update news, about a million people gathered in Barcelona to renew their calls for Catalan independence and to demand the release of jailed political leaders almost a year after the unilateral referendum that triggered Spain’s worst political crisis since its return to democracy. 

 In bad apples update news, following the shooting death of Botham Jean by the hands of Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger that we talked about last week, multiple search warrants were executed at Jean’s apartment as part of the investigation.  

 In avoiding World War III news, a day after reiterating his commitment to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has set out a timeline for the process, saying he intends to get the process done by the end of President Trump’s first term in office.  

 In killer cops news, in June, the taxpayers of Burlington, Iowa were told that they will be hit with a $2 million bill to pay for a police officer who shot and killed an innocent mother. The tragic scenario was captured on video and the fact that most of that video remained a secret was part of the reason the family received the settlement in the wrongful death suit. However, all that has now changed and the video was released this week. 




Now, you guys know I’ve completely given up on the Libertarian Party as a vehicle for true liberty. However, I know there are many actual libertarians who refuse to give up on the party as easily as I did. I respect that, even though I disagree with them on it. But, that certainly doesn’t mean I won’t help those real libertarians have a voice. That’s what I try to do here. I try to help libertarians use their voice to fill niches in podcasting that need to be filled. And, a new show coming to the Pax Libertas Productions line-up attempts to do just that.

When Pax Libertas Productions was still an idea in the back of my head, I wrote out a list of potential podcast ideas for shows on the network that didn’t even exist yet. I still have that list today and I refer to it every once in a while. One of the items on that list from way back is an unofficial Libertarian Party Watch podcast. A note I put beside that idea is “preferable hosted by an anarchist. Tom Knapp? Caryn Ann Harlos?”

And now, this week marks the beginning of that podcast that started out as one idea of many, and, I am so thankful to have one of the hosts from my original list, Caryn Ann Harlos, the Pink Flame of Liberty. 

 The new show is called Big L Podcast, and it is your unofficial source for Libertarian Party news, arcana, and information for the liberty-minded political junky by a political anarchist who is inside the party heavily.