We did it! You helped me hit my next goal of $250 per episode! And on the day of Thanksgiving! I have yet another reason to be thankful now. This is episode fifty-four of The LAVA Spurt, Thankful 2.0.

Thank you so much, guys! You helped me hit my next financial goal for the show of $250 per episode! And, ironically enough, the one that put me over the line was an upgrade of an existing supporter on Thanksgiving Day! Brian B, one of my best friends in the world, upgraded from $10 per episode to $25 per episode using Bitcoin! This put me up to $259 per episode. Thanks, Brian!

I started this show 35 months ago, just short of three years. I am still amazed at the growth the show has seen over those 35 months, and I am in awe of the love and support the show has brought in from people I know, and people I’ve never met in my life.

So, as you guys know, this means I am going to give you twice The LAVA Flow that you already get. I will take this bi-weekly show and give it to you every single week. Fifty-two episodes a year! Since it’s the holidays, and I have a ton of stuff going on for the holidays right now, I will actually start this weekly show the last week of December.

So now, we have a brand new goal to reach. The next goal for the show is at the $500 per episode level. When I hit this goal, I will take the 30 minute per week show and double it again, to bring you a full hour show each and every week! We’re already half-way there, guys! We can do this!