Are we seeing the final throes of the drug war in America? What’s in the News with stories on an update to Charlie Gard, mandatory vaccines, life imitating satire, the Nevada Governor must be high, Big Brother is garbage, eugenics, and civil asset forfeiture is expanding. A New Hampshire, It’s Like This Too segment on the many wins we’ve had so far, and a Herding Cats segment on the Freecoast Festival. This episode is brought to you by Swarm City, a decentralized commerce meta-platform that allows people to participate in commerce without interference from a third party.


Incredibly, we are now faced with a US state that could potentially be ending the war on drugs as we know it. 

The Oregon Legislature passed a bill Thursday decriminalizing small amounts of six hard drugs, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy.

The bill, HB 2355, will now go to Governor Kate Brown’s desk. She said she is looking forward to signing this bill into law. It decriminalizes possession of the drugs so long as the offender has neither a felony nor more than two prior drug convictions on record.


First of all, I want to apologize for this episode being late. I have been exceptionally busy the last few weeks, but I’m back on track now and should be able to get this podcast back to its regularly scheduled time on the next episode. And, keep an ear out for news about a brand new podcast coming up on the Pax Libertas Productions network very soon!

In universal health care update, 11 month-old terminal ill Charlie Gard in the United Kingdom is still struggling to survive despite the British courts condemning him to death, and now, a new development makes things even more complex.

In government force news, France took a bold step and made vaccinations mandatory starting in 2018 to combat anti-vaxxers. 

In life imitating satire news, it appears that Frederic Bastiat’s brilliant satirical essay, “Candlestick Makers’ Petition,” is coming true.

“Candlestick Maker’s Petition”

In the Nevada governor is high news, Gov. Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency after stores that sell recreational marijuana reported that their supply is running out just less than two weeks after the drug went on sale legally.

In Big Brother news, garbage men are now being trained to spy on their customers.  

In eugenics news, a county in Tennessee is offering free vasectomies to male inmates in exchange for a whole 30 days removed from their sentence. Not to be left out, women can also receive time off if they receive a Nexplanon implant in their arm which will prevent pregnancies for up to four years.

In civil asset forfeiture news, Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to increase one of the least democratic powers of law enforcement – civil asset forfeiture.


What a year New Hampshire has had already. Not only have we had three state legislators switch their party affiliation to Libertarian, making New Hampshire the state with more Libertarian legislators than all the other 49 states combined and giving us the only Libertaricaucussus in a state house in the country, but we have had so many other wins this year that it’s damn near impossible to keep up. Let’s talk about those wins


And, speaking of New Hampshire, you don’t want to miss the upcoming Freecoast Festival from Friday, September 8th – Sunday September 10th. My wife and I are again working on this event as volunteer coordinators, and we are super excited for you to come!

The Freecoast Festival is an opportunity for our local liberty community to come together and for prospective movers to see what life is really like on New Hampshire’s Seacoast. The theme this year is “Living a Voluntary Life Today!”

So, what are you waiting for? See you on the Freecoast!