Kids being tortured in government indoctrination centers is rustling my jimmies this episode. What’s in the News with stories on cannabis DUIs, Bitcoin regulation in New Hampshire, and government inefficiency. This episode is brought to you by Swarm City, a decentralized commerce meta-platform that allows people to participate in commerce without interference from a third party. Also brought to you by Wry Guys t-shirts, the makers of all of the Pax Libertas Productions t-shirts, including for this show. A wry wit for today’s shit.


There are few things that rustle my jimmies more than people who harm kids, so when listener and supporter of the show, Link, sent me this article, I knew I had to talk about it, even though the article is three years old. The article is titled, “Violent and Legal: The Shocking Ways School Kids are Being Pinned Down, Isolated Against Thier Will” and it was published in June of 2014. It tells horrific stories of children being abused in school to a degree I never knew happened. I highly recommend everyone read this article.


This will be a bit of an abbreviated episode since I’m at PorcFest as this is released and have been super busy working on the planning for that event with my awesome wife. I hope to see you guys at PorcFest this week. If you’re a listener of this show and you’re at PorcFest this week, please find me and say hi! I want my picture taken with you, as many of you as I can! 

In cannabis news, a landmark Arizona court ruling says that THC in your blood is not sufficient ground to charge you with a DUI. 

In speaking of Swarm City news, I had the honor of attending the launch party for Swarm City’s phase two product called Boardwalk last week. And this week, at PorcFest, I will have the ability to actually test out the product by seeking rides from the Swarm City golf cart around the campgrounds using the hashtag “needaride.” You can check out the full video from the live stream of the launch event.

In New Hampshire news, New Hampshire’s governor Chris Sununu signed a bill, HB 436, which makes NH the first state to explicitly protect cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from regulation. 

“Freedom in the 50 States” study

In government inefficiency news, the federal government is finally getting out of the Y2K bug preparation business, seventeen years after the bug came and went.