Today is election day. I’ll be washing my hair instead of voting yet again. Don’t legitimize the bastards! What’s in the News with stories on John Gatto dies, government murder, Julian Assange update, cannabis in Mexico, bad cops, and free societies. And, an Ancap Apps segment on Smartcash, the latest advertiser on The LAVA Flow. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, now known as Horizen, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security, done right. Also, brought to you by SmartCash, an easy to use, fast, and secure cryptocurrency that supports everyday use for everyday transactions.



Today is election day, 2018. The day you can make your voice heard, or so we’re told.

Around this time, two years ago, my episode was called “To Vote or Not to Vote.” I made the case there that, for the first time in my adult life, I would not be going to the polls, even to vote for a very good friend of mine, Darryl W. Perry, for President of the United States. You can listen to that episode at Going back to that episode myself, I can clearly see the evolution of my thoughts on voting. And, if our thoughts aren’t evolving, then we are stagnant.

And now, two years later, my thoughts have evolved more. Now, I am solidly in the non-voting category. A lot of that evolution is because of the work of Carl Watner, Wendy McElroy, and Goerge H. Smith in the newsletter The Voluntaryist at and the book “Neither Bullets Nor Ballots: Essays on Voluntaryism.” I had the honor of narrating the audiobook for that book and you can get a copy at



In sad news, John Taylor Gatto has passed away.

In government murder news, a US airstrike killed a family of five in a Syrian border town.

In Julian Assange news, he says that Ecuador is trying to kick him out of its London embassy and hand him over to the US.

In cannabis news, Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that an absolute ban on recreational use of marijuana was unconstitutional, effectively leaving it to lawmakers to regulate consumption of the drug.

In bad cops news, San Diego police creepily forced strippers to pose for photos, now the city is paying $1.5 million.

In free societies news, a cryptocurrency millionaire wants to build a utopia in the Nevada desert.


As you guys likely heard last week, I have a new advertiser on the show, SmartCash. This is a product I have recently heard about and have become very excited for. When I first talked to one of the staff over at SmartCash, Chris K., at Freecoast Festival a couple of months ago, I knew I wanted to be involved in this project. So, I bugged the hell out of Chris so they would sponsor this podcast to help get the word out!

Why am I so excited about SmartCash? For a lot of reasons. They have taken ideas from several different cryptos, put them together, and made them better. And, they are working hard to be an actual currency system, very similar to Dash, instead of just a place to store wealth.

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